Talent concept


We firmly believe that the value of the enterprise is created jointly by employees, and the personal progress of employees is closely related to the development of the enterprise. Employees are tireless, and the company is thriving; Employees are determined to innovate, while the company is always energetic. Therefore, the enterprise regards attracting talents, making good use of talents, cultivating talents, and retaining talents as its core work, regards employees as the most precious wealth of the company, is willing to absorb excellent employees, and hopes that every employee and the enterprise can develop together for a long time.

We choose employee philosophy:

★ Focus on character, ability and performance, and select employees in an informal manner.

Our staff management philosophy:

★ Always adhere to the concept of "people-oriented and moral first", respect, cultivate, trust and care for employees, and manage employees in a differentiated way.

Recruitment Position

Recruitment Position

Number of recruiters




Job responsibilities: 1. Be familiar with all positions within the enterprise, and be familiar with the recruitment process is preferred. 2. Those who are familiar with the performance appraisal system of enterprise personnel and have certain work experience are preferred. 3. Pay attention to the image, and the image requirements are medium or above.
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