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BZD Series Plastic Sheet Making Machine

Summary: It has 330 patents, including more than 30 domestic and foreign invention patents and more than 290 utility model patents. In addition, one national standard and seven enterprise standards were formulated.

Keywords: aseptic packaging equipment, food packaging machinery


Plastic Cup-making Machine


  • Description
  • ●This series of units is suitable for calendering and forming plastic sheets such as PP, PS, HIPS, etc. for manufacturing packaging containers such as jelly cups, dairy cups, and beverage cups. This series of units has the following features: ●Using a screw with a large aspect ratio, the plasticizing effect is good, and the thickness of the diaphragm is uniform; the die head adopts a quick screen changing device, which is easy to operate and improves productivity; ●Two-layer and three-layer sheet units can be customized according to users.


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Key words: packaging equipment, food packaging machinery