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Introduction of Auto On-line Packing Part

Summary: It has 330 patents, including more than 30 domestic and foreign invention patents and more than 290 utility model patents. In addition, one national standard and seven enterprise standards were formulated.

Keywords: aseptic packaging equipment, food packaging machinery


Cup Filling Sealing Machine


  • Description
  • ●Can be used for automatic cartoning and packaging of various types of still beverages, water, dairy products, etc.
    ●New design concept: the filling and sealing machine is seamlessly connected to the subsequent packaging machine, reducing intermediate links and eliminating the need for transitional chain plate conveyor belts. The cups are in a good positioning state during the entire process from the filling and sealing machine to the subsequent packaging machine. , improve the stability of subsequent packaging and reduce the installation space of the machine.
    ●Packaging form: paper tray, plastic pallet, carton (cups can be loaded cross-loaded up and down, saving packaging and transportation costs, which is currently the most advanced packaging form).
    ●Can be installed according to customer needs 4*5=20, 4*6=24, 2*3=6, 2*5=10, etc. It can also be installed in two layers with cardboard in the middle)
    ●Note: If the customer's product needs to be transported from the filling workshop to the packaging workshop for packaging, it can be transported to the packaging workshop through a positioning conveyor and then packed.

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Key words: packaging equipment, food packaging machinery