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  • DCB-Z-A系列杯装单片膜洁净型自动充填封口包装机.jpg

DCB-Z-A Series High-clean Full-auto Cup Filling and Sealing with Precut Aluminum Foil Machine

Summary: It has 330 patents, including more than 30 domestic and foreign invention patents and more than 290 utility model patents. In addition, one national standard and seven enterprise standards were formulated.

Keywords: aseptic packaging equipment, food packaging machinery


Cup Filling Sealing Machine


  • Description
  • ●Basic functions: cup storage, cup delivery, cupless detection, ion air static elimination, vacuuming, VHP hydrogen peroxide dry sterilization, sterile air replacement, layered jam filling, dynamic mixer, online fruit dynamic mixing and filling, material Cangjiang sterile air micro-positive pressure stabilization system, CIP filling system automatic cleaning, COP, SOP machine cleaning and disinfection, four-station suction and release of single film, cover film strong light pulse sterilization, cover film position correction point sealing, heat sealing, Robots take out cups, robots automatically pack boxes, and programs are remotely controlled. Machine functions can be added or subtracted according to user needs.
    ●Suitable for packaging material range: prefabricated plastic cups (PP, PE, PET, PS and other materials)
    ●Single film (aluminum-plastic composite, paper-plastic composite)
    ●Applicable product range: liquid products such as yogurt, milk and other dairy products, juice drinks and other beverage products
    ●Filling accuracy: It is related to the filling amount and materials, and can be up to within 1g.


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Key words: packaging equipment, food packaging machinery